About Motti

Motti Kenig is the man behind Motti’s Kosher Cuisine. With a true love for cooking and baking, his greatest pleasure is watching people savor his masterful creations in the kitchen. Nearly twenty years of experience in the culinary arts enables Motti to create sumptuous delights for clients large and small for both meat and dairy cuisines. His expertise is enhanced with a degree from the Institute of Kosher Culinary Pastry Arts.

There is hardly a category in the kosher food industry that Motti has not been involved with over the course of his career. Motti has cooked for Dougies Barbeque and Ess A Bagel on the restaurant side of the business, as well as working at Ateres Chaya wedding hall, a landmark catering establishment for the kosher consumer, for a number of years.
Most recently Motti has been the head chef at Yeshiva Chasan Sofer where he directed kitchen operations for the past twelve years. His position included food prep and production for six hundred people, cooking three meals daily. Responsibilities included menu development, training and directing all kitchen staff, creating new recipes and production of special events. Motti has also been head chef at Camp Yeshiva summer camp for many years. Here he used his skill set to manage five kitchen staff members creating seven hundred portions daily.


My passion is to provide the ultimate experience when it comes to food.